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  • Ajay Goyal
    In this world, every business wants to develop their website. Now several technologies and website development platforms are available. The website builder industry has grown a lot in the last 10 years as several technologies. There are several website builders which are best for 2020.
    • 14 hours ago
  • Ajay Goyal
    The advent of its latest version has made things even better and Magento 2 development is in high demand. Now ecommerce business owners are migrating their ecommerce from Magento to Magento 2. Some popular ecommerce brands are running their website on Magento 2 platform.
    • 1 day ago
  • Roma Khivrenko
    Ukraine inbound DMC “Follow Ukraine” is based in Kyiv and specialized in MICE and professional solutions for business and leisure events. We provide complete and creative service: conferences, incentive trips, business meetings, exhibitions combined with leisure and other types of events.

    Our company has 15 years of experience in event management sphere. Since 2004 we have made more than 2000 events for Ukrainian and foreign companies, among them around 500 events for over 1000 participants. Among our long-term clients there are: Coca-Cola, Credit Agricole Bank, KPMG, SES, Renault, EPAM, Royal Canin.

    Our work is marked by prestigious awards in Ukraine:"Brand of the Year", "Golden Pen", "Eventarization", "Ukrainian Event Awards", "Global Event Awards".

    Phone: +38 067 510 50 50
    • 2 days ago
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