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  • Are Morch
    How to Build Highly Effective Content Marketing Strategies That Create Big Results for Hotels #hotelmice
    • 2 hours ago
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    • 19 hours ago
  • Kandy Phillips
    4 Ways to Enhance Your Visitors Experience with Navigo®

    Navigo® visitor check-in and badging technology helps you to register and monitor visitors to improve the safety of your facility. Navigo® is designed to integrate with your building directory to present important content in real time for visitors and tenants to interact with via breathtaking high-definition #touchscreen #digitalsignage . #visitormanagement

    Here are 4 ways Navigo® helps #propertymanagers #facilitiesmanagement and #buildingowners and enhance the occupant experience:

    #1 Navigo® simplifies visitor check-in with pre-registration capability and badging at reception or self-service stations.
    #2 Navigo® helps visitors, vendors and guests locate building information fast like #wayfinding info, notifications, calendar and scheduling updates for #facilitiesoperations.
    #3 Navigo® integrates custom feeds to display real-time local transit schedules, weather, news, live traffic maps, your announcements and retail messaging all managed via the web.
    #4 Make it easy for everyone utilizing your facilities to access answers and resolutions faster and more efficiently.

    Contact us to learn more about improve the safety of your #tenants workplace and experience a live demo of Navigo® capabilities.
    • 23 hours ago
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