• Definition of MICE


    “MICE” also known as the Meetings Industry stands for:  Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. Sometimes the “C” and “E” can refer to Conventions and Events. 

  • What is MICE.com?


    MICE.com is an online community for MICE meeting and travel professionals.   

  • Do I have to pay to join MICE.com?


    No, MICE is absolutely free to join. There are no hidden fees to use MICE and we do not collect commission. Revenue is generated when a supplier upgrades their listing/placement in search results, or advertises on MICE. 

  • How do I join MICE.com?


    To become a member you must create a user profile.  At the MICE.com homescreen you will be prompted to fill in your personal information, which will then lead you to creating your profile either by signing up through the site, Facebook or LinkedIn. 

  • What are the benefits of joining MICE?


    MICE.com is about helping MICE professionals execute effective and successful meetings. MICE minimizes buyer and supplier pain points, increases efficiency and productivity and assists planners and suppliers in their daily routine. 

    Through MICE both planners and suppliers can:  

    1. Connect with other MICE professionals and maintain communication

    2. Invite your contacts to become connections

    3. Get introduced to industry experts through people you know

    4. Showcase achievements and affiliations

    5. Be found for business opportunities and professional growth advancement

    6. Seek advice and gain knowledge

    7. Share and collaborate on business challenges

    8. Stay current on industry news and emerging trends

    9. Be a thought leader and establish credibility in the industry by sharing and exchanging knowledge

    10. Form and join groups (coming soon)

    11. Follow industry events and connect with other attendees 

    12. Start or join a local MICE To Meet You groups and events

    For planners, MICE is the place to:

    1. Follow suppliers, destinations and events to receive the latest information and updates on products
    and services, availability and special promotions

    2. View and share supplier reviews

    3. Submit and manage RFPs (coming soon)

    Developing relationships with international suppliers is key when choosing and meeting destination and venue abroad. MICE offers a simplified way to shop suppliers making it easy to connect to supplier contacts and gather information by following destination and suppliers.

    Navigate the world better and gain knowledge about organizing groups in unfamiliar territory by learning from the experience of other users. Give and exchange intelligence on supplier services, destination offering and meeting facilities. Suppliers can utilize this data to deliver superior customer service and exceed expectations.

    For suppliers, MICE is a direct to consumer brand channel for companies to stay in front of MICE meeting and travel decision makers. An all-in-one business web and soon mobile application to reach prospective clients:

    Create a free Basic listing for your business or upgrade to a Preferred listing to market your business and receive the following benefits:

    1. Build a following and post unlimited updates to your followers

    2. Upload essential information

    3. Receive RFPs (coming soon)

    4. Openly communicate with users

    5. Track your page visitors

    Our key objective is to provide suppliers a cost-effective marketing channel which maximizes ROI. Whether you're a hotel, CVB, DMC, service provider or have products to offer MICE is your partner for building new connections and supporting increased revenue for your business.

  • Who can see my MICE.com profile?


    Anyone who is a MICE.com user will be able to see your profile.  If you would like to make your profile only visible to your connections you can change this by going to the privacy section in your settings. (Settings coming soon) 

  • Is there assistance available if I need help setting up my profile


    Yes.  There is a live chat feature available between the hours of 9-5 EST where you can reach us for immediate assistance.  If it is outside business hours you can click on the “Feedback” tab and we will respond within 24 hours.

  • How do I find others on MICE.com?


    There are several ways to find people on MICE.com.  You can either search by keyword in the search bar, clicking auto-generated suggestions located on your dashboard, visiting the Explore tab, or through the invite process.  The Explore tab will allow you to find people you may not know yet, but are key influencers in your location or field of work.

  • Can I invite colleagues or business contacts to join?


    Yes. Signing up with your LinkedIn or Facebook account will allow you to invite anyone within your current network. Additionally, you can find connections and invite your contacts from Outlook to connect with you. You can find the invite process by going to the header and selecting Invite. 

  • Am I able to contact suppliers directly?


    Yes.  We are only here to mediate if you need us.  Each supplier listing will list contacts to email or call.  You can also send a “Request for Proposal” that will allow you to request pricing and information through the site. (RFPs coming soon)

  • I can’t log on to my account


    If you are unable to log into your account after resetting your password you can contact info@mice.com and an administrator will assist you with logging into your account. 

  • How can I create a supplier listing?


    To create a supplier listing you must first create a user profile.  Once a user profile is created you can then click on the “My Listings” tab at the top of the page and click on “List Business” from there. 

  • Can I list and manage multiple listings?


    Yes. You can list and manage multiple listings from the Listings tab. Here you can post updates as your company. 

  • Information on my company listing is incorrect


    Please accept our apologies for the incorrect information. We make the best attempt to list the most accurate information and invite you to take control of your company listing. Contact us at info@mice.com to verify your account and retrieve your login information. 

  • What is the cost for suppliers to be listed on MICE.com?


    MICE offers suppliers a free Basic listing with the option to upgrade to a full page listing with no competing ads. Upgrading unlocks features which are limited with a Basic listing. Costs vary depending on the business type.  

  • What are the advantages of upgrading my free Basic listing?


    For a side by side comparison, you can go to http://www.mice.com/register/get-listed

  • Does MICE.com offer additional advertising for suppliers?


    Yes.  We offer a variety of advertising opportunities including banner ads and pay for placement.  To get pricing you can send an inquiry to info@mice.com

  • Can I contact a user directly?


    Yes.  We are only here to mediate if you need us. Users can be contacted through direct messaging, posting on their feed or through groups and events. 

  • How will users find my listing?


    Users can search for your listing by name, location, business type, and company contacts.  

  • Can I dispute a review?


    Users may submit reviews on supplier products and services rating different aspects of service provided by the supplier. Any user can view reviews submitted by another user. Keep in mind that MICE.com is used by industry professionals looking to establish themselves as experts as well as provide helpful knowledge to the community.

    To keep the review process balanced the reviewer’s image, name and link back to their MICE.com profile will be listed with the review.

    Suppliers will be provided the ability to respond and are encouraged to comment on user reviews. In the event a review is deemed inaccurate by a supplier, MICE.com will require follow up from the user. If a user abuses the reviewing process, they will lose the privilege to post reviews. Additionally, our review policy states that there will be no anonymous review and suppliers are forbidden from posting self-reviews. 

  • How do I generate more activity to my listing


    Your Sales Account Manager will work with you providing tips on how to help boost your listing.