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Create your personal MICE Account

This is your opportunity to showcase your experience, professional accomplishments, affiliations and industry achievements. This is your initial impression on companies, other users and potential customers.

  1. Complete your individual profile using your name, not your company name. Suppliers can later create a company listing which links to your personal account

  2. Upload a professional face photo

  3. Be creative when building your profile: Showcase achievements, share your passions and goals

  4. List your affiliations

  5. Draw awareness to your profile by updating your work email signature line and business cards with your MICE.com URL link

  6. Share the link to your profile and listing across your favorite social media channels

  7. Be found for business opportunities and professional growth advancement

Supplier Marketing Opportunities

Get Listed!

Are you a MICE Supplier? Be sure to Get Listed on MICE. 

A basic listing is free, but for a low annual fee you can upgrade to Preferred Status. Once you create your user account go to the “Listings” tab to create your company listing(s). Once you upgrade to a Preferred listing you will be able to unlock and use all the features that come with a Preferred Status.

Reach Out, Network and Get Connected!

Establish your network on MICE.com by connecting with other MICE professionals. Maintain communication and get to know what everyone is thinking, working on and blogging. Get introduced to other professionals through people you know.

There are several ways to find people on MICE.com. You can either search by keyword in the search bar, clicking auto-generated suggestions located on your dashboard, visiting the Explore tab, or through the invite process.

The Explore tab will allow you to find people you may not know yet, but are key influencers in your location or field of work.

Invite your industry contacts to join you on MICE through LinkedIn, Facebook and Outlook. You can go back and repeat the process for each contact source. The invite icon is located on your navigational bar.

Search, find and follow destinations and suppliers

  1. Easily find products and services that fit your needs from our directory of suppliers reviewed by our community to include hotels, transportation needs, speakers/presenters, a/v, mobile app and event logistics

  2. Search our database of CVBs, DMCs and venues to find that perfect destination to host your next meeting

  3. Follow suppliers, destinations and events of interest to receive the latest updates on products and services, news and information, special promotions and availability in your feed as it is posted

Be a thought leader: Jump In, Share, Get Involved and Get Known

MICE provides users a medium to share their knowledge with other MICE professionals worldwide. Users become thought leaders by contributing their expertise on business challenges and supporting their peers needing assistance with and planning MICE meetings and travel.

Share and collaborate with like-minded professionals with interests similar to yours. This is the best way to forge relationships and be noticed by contacts seeking business.

Establish yourself as an expert. Give knowledge that will show others you are a resourceful and helpful professional. The more you ask, answer, interact, and review suppliers the higher your credibility factor increases. Your connections will soon become trusted colleagues.

  1. Share information, photos, web and video links, thoughts and ideas, interests and activities, or advice and needs on your activity feed

  2. Collaborate with other users and by creating and participating in groups

  3. Seek advice and gain knowledge by asking users for feedback on emerging meeting technologies, business challenges, destinations, services and more


Find and follow the following on our Chatter page.

  1. Stay current on industry news

  2. Keep up-to-date on emerging trends and technology

  3. Follow MICE Thought Leaders


Find who and what's hot, new and local.

Request and review services

  1. Submit and manage Request for Proposals (Coming Soon) with our comprehensive and user-friendly RFP platform. In minutes you can reach any supplier across the globe by either completing and submitting our detailed RFP form or simply attaching your own RFP along any questions you may need addressed. Receive responses and manage your RFPs directly on MICE

  2. Submit supplier reviews on industry service and use this rating tool when searching for potential providers

Events: It’s all about Face to Face

The best use of your profile is to build a relationship online by engaging with other connections and then taking the relationship offline by attending industry events both distant and locally.

Find, follow, join, and review trade show and events

  1. Find and follow an industry trade shows and events from our events calendar

  2. Display events you plan to attend on your profile

  3. Invite other users to join events

  4. Collaborate on events

  5. Follow suppliers to see what events their company is attending and set appointments with suppliers through messaging

  6. Review trade shows and events

Suppliers can post industry events your company is attending to your listing. This allows users to know where you’ll be and enable to collaborate before meeting at the event.

Industry trade show and event organizers can create a free listing on MICE.com to promote events, keep attendees up-to-date, circulate information, post photos and video links, and receive reviews.

Create or join a MICE to Meet You Local Event

MICE to Meet You events are MICE specific events in your local area. Are you looking to create a MICE meeting or travel group or a group that meets regularly and are looking for more participants? Then create or join a MICE to Meet You group in your local area worldwide.