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Power You Media


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Are you looking for media exposure for your products services or even your message? Media exposure can help give you real credibility, leverage your business platform and of course lead to other business opportunities. Let us help you get the media exposure you deserve. Get the maximum exposure and become an expert in your field today. You can even begin your consulting or coaching programs with media exposure. Why not start your speaking career you have always dreamed of starting? Publicity in any form is really unlimited as to what you would like it for!

Tapping into new media markets will lead to new clients, new speaking opportunities and so much more. Media levels include small, medium and large markets. Media can include Radio, Television, Print such as in newspapers magazines and even co-author in books but can also include speaking engagements. . A bonus for print markets, is of course, online markets which has been reaching mass readers for years. Web content is always needed in any market and any genre. Book signing events is part of a good media campaign and is included in all packages. Webinars or Tele-summits can be part of your campaign as well. Ever thought of holding a cruise for your cause? I can help you with that as well.

Do not miss your opportunity to work with one of the best media persons on the planet. Deb Bailey is known in radio and television markets around the world. Having owned her own syndicated Power Women Radio show for 5 years and Women of Power Next Door TV Show syndicated by Dish Networks, Deb works to get you the media exposure you deserve. She knows how hard it is to climb the ladder of success. Media exposure helped her climb that ladder quicker and better than any other avenue prior to her radio and television careers. Deb is also the past Director of the International Virtual Public Speakers Association Chapter and has many connections in the speaking realm as well.

So why not start your publicity campaign the right way? A no nonsense kind of publicists that works for You not her bottom line. Do not worry about big contracts that dig deep into your pockets. Deb has a pay as you go system to fit any budget. She knows that money does not grow on trees and committing to a long term contract with Thousands of dollars may not be in your budget.

Power You Media has a proven track record of placing clients in local, national, and trade media. Including online and print. We work closely with our clients to get the whole picture of media needs. Strategically outline the media needs and goals. Develop pitches to present to media outlets and finally help clients brand visibility.

Media Guarantees? As in life there are none in media. We can not make anyone book you for a show, magazine or interview of any kind. But what WE CAN DO is use our expertise of working with media, since 2008, to speak on your behalf to our database of resources to bring great results. Media is a process and not an over night success. We must build that foundation to branch from. Maybe you have even worked with another PR firm before and never seen results. First let us say how sorry we are that happened, but remember every firm does things differently. We pride ourselves in working beyond the normal, just look at our testimonies page.


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