There are many categories of meetings in the MICE industry which each identify the primary purpose of the meeting, such as Board Meetings, New Product Launch Meetings, Group Incentive Travel Programs, etc.  We know these categories well and they are universally understood and promoted by planners and suppliers alike. 

A new category of meetings is emerging, driven by the need for all companies to become more innovative and these are known as "Innovation Meetings."  The objective of an Innovation Meeting is to take participants away from their offices, to a venue which inspires creativity and collaboration, teach them about innovation and creativity and how to observe, ideate and colllaborate, use innovation technology tools and then to take them through a series of events and experiences in the local area, focused on the customer experience, to develop solutions to challenges in their companies and industry overall. 

We specialize in designing and facilitating Innovation Meetings for in-house and third party planners and will be presenting a seminar about them at the upcoming Prevue Sr. Planner Summit on March 18, 2019 in Atlantic City. For any questions or ideas, just give me a call at 914-500-7665 or email me at 

Have an innovative day!