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Business Matchmaking. A new role for Meeting Planners in the MICE Industry.

Once the event is planned, you can become a business matchmaker!

In this group you can meet peers who understand what is happening and how to fulfil the role of Business Matchmaker at your events.

Now. What is happening?

Apps empower event participants to personalise their event experience before the event takes place. They can select conference sessions, take note of people they want to meet and pre-schedule meetings. In short they build their personal event schedule.

Successful connections still depend on face-to face meetings at your event, but 80% of a meeting's success depends on the preparation beforehand. Profiling, matching, meeting requests, agenda setting, location reserving, follow-ups and evaluation are all part of this business matchmaking process.

In this process the Meeting Planner is not obsolete! He or she can fulfil the role of business matchmaker.

According to Forbes Magazine, business matchmaking is a pragmatic necessity in today's fast-paced, technology-driven world.

Being a skilled business matchmaker in the MICE industry requires a solid understanding of business ecosystem and all potential parties, as well as the ability to equally represent both sides to a connection without bias.

By inviting and connecting the right parties to each other before the event takes place, the meetings at your event become more valuable and your event becomes more relevant to do business.

This all boosts your event value and participant return rate.

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