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To bridge generational and experience gaps we have created a networking and discussion group for seasoned professionals wanting to mentor students and entry-level MICERS.

Students and entry-level MICERS can seek knowledge and advice from more experienced mentors. Mentors can guide and assist fresh MICERS.

Share and collaborate between each other. Here you can exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences and best practices. Dig deep into the layers of details needed for making better planning decisions to include destination traits, logistics and other helpful nuances.

Open up, be expressive and seek advice. Get a pep-up, share wins and interesting stories. Most of all, enjoy this space.

Want to network offline? Meet up locally or at MICE trade show and events. Through this group you can create events and meet up offline. Organize a MICE to Meet You local, regional or national events in addition to your own sub events at industry trade shows and events.

MICE to Meet You events work just like a MeetUp and Evite. Utilize this great feature! To create a group event select "Add a New Event" located on the right of the group description. Once you create the event list it on the group under "Hosted Events."

You can also add MICE industry trade shows and events you're attending to your profile. This will let other MICERS know where you'll be so that you can meet up face to face.

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