MSLPros: MICE Senior-level Professionals Group

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MSLPros: MICE Senior-level Professionals Group is a networking and discussion group for planners, suppliers and all others to share and collaborate.

Here you can exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences and best practices. Tap into the minds of other like-minded MSLPros. Open up, be expressive and seek advice. Most of all, enjoy this space.

Why not meet up offline? Meet up locally or a MICE trade show or event. Through this group you can create events and meet up offline. Organize a local, regional or national MICE to Meet You event. To create a group event select "Add a New Event" under "Hosted Events" located on the right. Utilize this great feature!

You can also add MICE industry trade shows and events you're attending to your profile. This will let other MSLPros know where you'll be so that you can meet up face to face.

This is currently a public group devoted for Senior-level MICERS with 10+ more years of experience. We are looking for admins to manage this group. The admin can choose to make this an invitation only group should they wish.

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